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  1. Apr 26 2014

    USA Science & Engineering Festival

    The 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival, the largest science festival in the US, features nationwide contests and school programs. NEES Ambassadors from Howard and Morgan State...

  2. Mini Wave-Flume Coastal Forest Kit

    18 Mar 2014 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): Jennifer L Irish, Robert Weiss, Adrian Santiago Tate, Nicholas Zinck, Leah Potts

    This kit will introduce K-12 and undergraduate college students to tsunami flow and the effects that coastal vegetation has on this flow.  Three sets of instructions are included to suggest...

  3. New earthquake exhibit opens at MDC

    24 May 2013 | Notes | Contributor(s): Aurie Swartz, NEES Media Communications

    Hometown Focus | May 24, 2013 Newspaper and online. Story covers NSF- and NEES-sponsored travelling science exhibit, "When the Earth Shakes," opening at Minnesota Discovery Center that includes...

  4. Best Practices in Developing Education, Outreach and Training Videos to Communicate NEES Research Findings

    31 Jan 2012 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): Aditya Bhagath, Thomas Frankie, Dan Kuchma

    It is often a challenge in academia to present research results in a relevant and accessible manner to both the public and the earthquake engineerin profession. In addition to presenting technical...

  5. NEES@Berkeley Teacher Workshop Evaluation

    08 Aug 2011 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Heidi Faison

    NEES@Berkeley in conjunction with the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center (PEER) runs an education program consisting of two components: 1) a lecture and activity session at the classroom of an...

  6. Quake Summit 2011 Field Trip Questionnaire

    08 Aug 2011 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Pamela McClure

    Quake Summit 2011 was held in June 2011 in Buffalo.  This was a partnership between NEES and MCEER. As part of the annual meeting, an opportunity was available for participants to tour the...

  7. Jan 12 2011

    History Channel Special on Earthquakes Features NEES Labs

    Title of Program: Megaquake 10.0January 12, 2011 - 9 PM ET Scientists offer insight into how and where a 10.0 megaquake could strike. This two-hour History special explores one of the most deadly...