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  1. The Data Archiving Training at NEES@Davis 2014

    30 Apr 2014 | Series | Contributor(s): Stanislav Pejša, Cheng Song

    The series is composed of recorded sessions that were presented in the morning 2014-04-25 at the NEEScomm data archiving training at the UC Davis facility. Standa Pejša and Cheng Song demonstrated...

  2. Main Page

    NEEShub Boot Camp Wiki The NEEShub Boot Camp is a series of webinars hosted by NEEScomm aimed at familiarizing student researchers with the expectations for projects on NEEShub. These webinars...

  3. Project Editor User Guide

    13 Jun 2012 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Cheng Song

    This document provides a quick start guide for users to get familiar with the Project Editor on NEEShub. It shows users how to use the Project Editor to create project and experiment on NEEShub,...

  4. NEES Project Directory Structure

    This wiki is to document the directory structure for NEES projects. NEEShub tools such as PEN, Project Warehouse and Project Editor use this directory structure when uploading and downloading...