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  1. Earthquake Resliience: Pipeline of Innovation to Keep Water Flowing

    22 Apr 2013 | Notes | Contributor(s): NEES Media Communications, Marti LaChance

    DesignBuild Source | April 22, 2013 Online. Story covers research done at NEES to create flexible pipes that do not rupture during earthquakes. See attached PDF.

  2. Cargo container research to improve buildings' ability to withstand tsunamis

    07 Feb 2013 | Notes | Contributor(s): NEES Media Communications, Marti LaChance

    IndiaVision | Feb. 7, 2013 Article cites use of NEES facilities to test building resiliency, Lehigh University's multidirectional testing and Oregon State's Tsunami Research facility.

  3. 2020 Vision for Earthquake Engineering Research (Poster)

    28 Apr 2012 | Historical Documents | Contributor(s): Shirley Dyke, Bozidar Stojadinovic, Pedro Arduino, Maria Garlock, Nicolas Luco, Julio Ramirez, Solomon Yim, Wei Song

    This paper provides a brief summary of the outcomes of the recent workshop, Vision 2020: An Open Space Technology (OST) Workshop on the Future of Earthquake Engineering. Vision 2020 was...