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  1. A Major Research Accomplishment in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Simulation

    17 Apr 2013 | Citations | Contributor(s): Mahdi Soudkhah

    An innovative experimental framework for seismic soil-structure interaction investigation of foundations and structures subjected to a coupled horizontal and vertical ground motion...

  2. Strata

    16 Aug 2010 | Tools | Contributor(s): Ellen M. Rathje, Albert Kottke

    One-dimensional site response analysis with stochastic variation of site properties using either time series or random vibration theory.

  3. The Shear Wave Velocity Profiles Database

    10 Jan 2011 | Databases | Contributor(s): NEES @ UTexas

    Shear wave velocity (Vs) profiles are needed for site response analyses and liquefaction susceptibility assessments. This database is a collection of Vs profiles from all curated projects in the...