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  1. Quake Turns Ground to Liquid (Hacking the Planet episode)

    30 Dec 2013 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): Kenneth Stokoe, NEES EOT

    Earthquake vibrations can turn soil into a liquid. This process is called liquefaction.  This 1.5 minute video provides visual demonstrations of how liquefaction occurs using the large shaker...


    30 Aug 2010 | Tools | Contributor(s): Youssef Hashash

    DEEPSOIL is a one-dimensional site response analysis program

  3. Soil Liquefaction Classroom Demonstration

    13 May 2011 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Jason Lloyd, NEES EOT

    This is an example of how to do a simple soil liquefaction demonstration for use in the classroom setting, or similar.  All materials may be found at home, or perhaps purchased at the local...

  4. May 24 2010

    Fifth International Conference on Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics

    Details to be added