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  1. Data Visualization using inDEED

    Data Visualization with inDEED This page describes how data visualization using the inDEED tool works. This page is aimed at helping researchers who are creating interactive data files understand...

  2. Can I run this program locally?

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    Is there a JAR file I can download to run this locally?

  3. Where do I put my .IND file in Project Warehouse?

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    In what areas of an experiment is it valid to put the .IND file so that the CSV repetition files can find the inDEED authoring file?

  4. Specimen Authoring Tool - Uploading a Mapped Data File into the Project Warehouse

    When uploading a mapped data file into the Project Warehouse, you must: Upload the mapping file (*.ind file) to either the repetition-level data folder, the repetition-level documentation...

  5. Specimen Authoring Tool - Saving an inDEED Mapping File

    Saving a Mapping (*.ind) File You can load a data file from the Project Warehouse, but you cannot save your mapping file directly to the Project Warehouse. You can save your mapping (*.ind)...

  6. Specimen Authoring Tool - Organizing and Editing Sensors

    Once you’ve loaded a data file into the Specimen Authoring Tool (tutorial located here), the next step is to finish the mapping by creating sensor groups, adding specimen views, and...

  7. Specimen Authoring Tool - Loading Data Files in the Specimen Authoring Tool

    When you create an inDEED mapping with the Specimen Authoring Tool, you can add each sensor to the mapping manually, or you can have the tool load your sensors from the data file. This tutorial...

  8. Data Visualization in the NEEShub

    Contents 1 About Data Visualization in the NEEShub 2 Improving the Data Visualization Tools 3 About this Wiki 4 inDEED 4.1 Tutorials 4.2 Advanced Topics 4.3 Videos 4.4 Documentation 5...

  9. Main Page

    NEEShub Boot Camp Wiki The NEEShub Boot Camp is a series of webinars hosted by NEEScomm aimed at familiarizing student researchers with the expectations for projects on NEEShub. These webinars...

  10. Specimen Authoring Tool - Creating a Single Mapping File that Applies to Multiple Data Files

    When creating an inDEED mapping file (*.ind file), you can import sensors from multiple data files. In this tutorial, sensors will be loaded from two data files, a mapping will be created, and...

  11. Specimen Authoring Tool - The File Mapping Process

  12. Specimen Authoring Tool - Manually Adding Sensors in the Specimen Authoring Tool

    The Specimen Authoring Tool can automatically load your sensors from a data file. However, if you don’t have a data file, your data file is not currently in an importable format, or if your...