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  1. nees@berkeley project highlight: Seismic Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Braced Frames

    06 Feb 2014 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Heidi Tremayne (Faison), Khalid Mosalam, Shakhzod Takhirov, Barbara Simpson, Stephen Alan Mahin, NEES EOT

    These experimental research tests at nees@berkeley are part of a project titled "Collaborative Developments for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Braced Frames," funded by the...

  2. Steel Portal Frame Analyzer

    29 Jul 2013 | Tools | Contributor(s): Mark Denavit

    A tool to analyze steel portal frames emphasizing comparisons of analysis types

  3. May 29 2013

    Research to Practice Webinar: Behavior and Design of Concrete-Filled Beam-Columns

    Presented by: Roberto T. Leon, Virginia Tech; Jerome F. Hajjar, Northeastern University; Larry Griffis, Walter P. MooreSupporting documents are available at the following link:...

  4. Behavior and Design of Concrete-Filled Beam-Columns webinar

    21 May 2013 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Roberto Leon, Jerome Hajjar, Larry Griffis, NEES EOT

    "Behavior and Design of Concrete-Filled Beam-Columns" is the next in the Research to Practice Webinar Series co-produced by the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) and the...

  5. Evaluation of Steel Fiber Reinforcement for Punching Shear Resistance in Slab-Column Connections-Part I: Monotonically Increased Load

    27 Aug 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Min-Yuan Cheng, Gustavo Parra-Montesinos

    Results from an experimental investigation aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of steel fiber reinforcement for increasing punching shear strength and ductility in slabs subjected to...

  6. Behavior of Braced Steel Frames With Innovative Bracing Schemes

    17 Aug 2010 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Roberto Leon, Andrei M Reinhorn, Benson Shing, Jack Moehle

    This project intends to generate data on the behavior of braced steel frames with emphasis on a novel configuration called a zipper frame. In a zipper frame, the unbalanced forces set up as a...