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  1. Baseline Correction for Shear Stress/Strain Time Histories?

    Closed | Responses: 1

    In the Time Series Output Specification tab, shear stress and shear strain time histories have an option for baseline correction. The manual seems to indicate that baseline corrections are only...

  2. Synthesis and Characterization of P3HT-based Thin Films for Photocurrent Generation and Sensing Applications

    31 Dec 2010 | Poster | Contributor(s): Donghyeon Ryu

    To date, numerous types of sensing systems (e.g., strain gages, fiber optics, wireless sensors, and piezoelectrics) have been employed and proposed for structural monitoring applications....

  3. Breaking Beams

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    Students learn about stress and strain by designing and building beams using polymer clay. They compete to find the best beam strength to beam weight ratio, and learn about the trade-offs...

  4. Breaking the Mold

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    In this math activity, students conduct a strength test using modeling clay, creating their own stress vs. strain graphs, which they compare to typical steel and concrete graphs. They learn the...