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  1. Nov 06 2014

    Liquefaction Susceptibility of Engineering Sites: Studying Earthquake-Induced Pore Pressure Evolution

    Groundwater pore pressure built up during an earthquake and the hazard associated with soil liquefaction present a major challenge for our society. Traditional liquefaction susceptibility analysis...

  2. Jun 25 2014

    OpenSees@Bristol 2014

    The aim of this joint workshop between the University of Bristol, University of Washington, University of California Berkeley and Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Centre (PEER) is to share...

  3. Permanently Instrumented Field Sites Database, UCSB

    05 Dec 2010 | Databases | Contributor(s): Jamison Steidl, Sandra Seale, Robin Gee, Hank Ratzesberger, Val V Gorbunov

    Search, sort, plot and compare Field Sites waveform data stored in the Project Warehouse! Explore by Event, Station, Magnitude, Latitude, Longitude, Depth, Time and Azimuth. Click on the Waveform...