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Table 1: Top Five Downloaded Projects
Project Files Downloaded Bytes Downloaded
202 - SAC Steel 17273 17 GB
1122 - Performance of Bldgs w/Structural Walls during Japan 2011 EQ 11910 13.3 GB
571 - NEEStips 11622 155.9 GB
1100 - RC Coupling Beam Tests and Models 10367 9.3 GB
661 - NEESR-II: A Seismic Study of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy 7151 1.11 TB
Table 2: Top Five Downloaded Experiments
Experiment Files Downloaded Bytes Downloaded
Data Collection of the Seismic Performance of the Building of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Tohoku University during the Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake of 2011 9238 5.7 GB
Full scale bridge column test 5993 23.4 GB
NEG Micon 53.6m Ambient Vibration Without Gearbox, Rotor, or Soil Accelerometers 3935 45.5 GB
MF2 3867 1014 MB
Full Scale 5-story Building with Triple Pendulum Bearings at E-Defense 3242 14.9 GB
Table 3: Top Five Projects by Views
Project view information is currently available for all-time only.
Project Number of Views
135 - Hybrid Simulation and Shake-Table Tests on RC Buildings With Masonry Infill Walls 15562
637 - Mitigation of Collapse Risk in Vulnerable Concrete Buildings 14183
1244 - Proposed Locations for FEMA Trailers in Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2005 - 2006 13070
33 - Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Materials 12924
648 - Performance-Based Design and Real-Time Large-Scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems 12084
Table 4: Top Five Experiments by Views
Experiment view information is currently available for all-time only.
Experiment Number of Views
UT CMU 1 3599
HSS-16 3544
Full-scale dynamic testing of non-ductile reinforced concrete frame (Frame #1) 3199
Slab-Column Connection with Twelve Radial Arrangement of SSR Assemblies with Stud Spacing of 0.5*d 3019
Real-time Hybrid Simulations 2945