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Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Materials



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Experiments are completed and curated. Experimental data, necessary metadata and documentation were uploaded. The full project report is still to be uploaded.

Complete - 07/05/2012

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FIU Phase II - Seismic Performance of Hybrid FRP Concrete Pier Frame System

Drawing List


Title Description Type
Instrumentation plan   (Data File Not Found)
Instrumentation plan Sensor Layout
Overview of test setup   (Data File Not Found)
Overview of test setup Film Strip
Test layout of two-column frame specimens Setup
Tie-down of the specimen   (Data File Not Found)
Tie-down of the specimen Film Strip
Steel tie beam   (Data File Not Found)
Steel tie beam Film Strip
Steel spreader beam with the hydraulic jacks Film Strip
Pier cap beam connection with the actuator Film Strip
Pier frame   (Data File Not Found)
Pier frame Specimen
Pier cap beam reinforcement   (Data File Not Found)
Pier cap beam reinforcement Specimen
RC footings reinforcement   (Data File Not Found)
RC footings reinforcement Specimen