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International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow's Braced Frame Systems
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Experiment-19: HSS-16
Experiment Type: Large Scale
Description: The potential benefit to using this connection would be that the brace would not have to be field welded to the gusset plate. The problem of fitting the brace in between the gusset plates would also be avoided. Instead, the brace would be shipped to the sight with the extension plate already welded on it, and then field bolted to the gusset plate. Also, the extension plate is cut out with a notch in it as proposed by Packer (2007), so that the brace will have its entire cross section for one third of the length of the connection to the extension plate, thereby eliminating the problem of net section. The frame failed by fracture of the net section at the 7/8 inch extension plate.
Dates: October 12, 2006 - October 12, 2006
Facility: University of Washington, WA, United States
Specimen Type: Braced frame
Material: Component 1 Component 1 (view)
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