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Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Buried Pipelines after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement
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Complete - 08/01/2011

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Experiment-1: 2008 Model Concrete Segmented Pipeline Test
Experiment Type: Field
Description: A challenge in damage assessment to lifelines is in the fact that most pipelines are buried in soil. Development of methods for structural monitoring and damage detection of concrete pipelines subjected to ground rupture is the focus of this test. The system for monitoring and damage detection will be tested on a model concrete segmented pipeline. Lessons learned from this test will be used to design improved system for structural monitoring of underground structures, as well as introducing enhancements to the test bed.
Dates: June 02, 2008 - June 27, 2008
Facility: Cornell University, NY, United States
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Specimen Type: Reinforced concrete segmental pipeline
Material: Component 1 Component 1 (view)
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  1. Concrete
  2. Pipeline
  3. wireless sensors