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Shake Table Response of Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Wall Building Slice
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The project contains curated experiment with unprocessed data in Volts and substantial documentation.

Archived - 05/05/2014

Last curation request: 09/26/2013

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Experiment-1: Shake Table Test of 7-story RC Bearing Wall Building
Experiment Type: Shake Table
Description: The test structure is a slice of a 7-story residential building incorporating structural walls as the lateral force-resisting system. The structure was built at full-scale, see (Figure 1). The test comprised a main 12ft long rectangular wall and two transverse walls that were required to provide lateral and torsional stability during the test program. One of the transverse walls was joined to the rectangular wall in a second phase of testing not described here. Testing was performed at the Englekirk Structural Research Center, where the UCSD-NEES Large High-Performance Outdoor Shake Table operates. The web wall provides lateral a?? force resistance in the E-W direction of loading, while the two transverse walls provide transverse and torsional resistance to the test structure.
Dates: October 10, 2005 - May 02, 2006
Facility: University of California, San Diego, CA, United States
Equipment: View Details
Specimen Type: 7-story bearing wall building slice
Material: Foundation Foundation (view)
Level 1 Level 1 (view)
Level 2 Level 2 (view)

Sensors: Sensors
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Tags (keywords):
  1. Near fault earthquake
  2. System response
  3. Shear walls
  4. Slab coupling
  5. Blind prediction
  6. Shake table testing
  7. Reinforced concrete bearing walls
Cite this work:
Marios Panagiotou, Jose Restrepo, Joel Conte (2013). "Shake Table Test of 7-story RC Bearing Wall Building", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D35T3G04T