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Characterization of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction by Random Vibration Methods
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Complete - 01/09/2012

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Experiment-5: Tests of pile in Unimproved soil with Vertical-Eccentric excitation (U-VE)
Experiment Type: Field
Description: This is a series of forced vibration tests on the pile in unimproved (U) soil with Vertical Eccentric (VE) excitation. Random (R), chaotic impulse (C) and swept-sine (S) excitation types were examined with different levels of forcing intensity. Further details of this series of full-scale vibration tests can be found in the Experimental Setup Report in the documentation folder at the project level.
Dates: September 29, 2010 - September 29, 2010
Facility: University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Equipment: View Details
Specimen Type: Test Pile U in unimproved soil (view)
Material: In situ soil profile In situ soil profile (view)
Pile cap Pile cap (view)
HP 10x42 pile HP 10x42 pile (view)
Sensors: Abbreviated sensor table - Experiment 5 U-VE
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  1. dynamics
  2. randomvibration
  3. clay
  4. payload
  5. fullscale
  6. softclay
  7. Soil-Pile Interaction
  8. soilstructureinteraction
  9. piles
  10. Vertical Test
  11. VC