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Understanding and Improving the Seismic Behavior of Pile Foundations in Soft Clays
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Experiment contains data, necessary metadata, and recommended documentation. The experimental setup report describe both Cyclic and Dynamic Loading of Single Piles - Centrifuge Model No.1 (Experiment 7 and 8).

Complete - 01/30/2012

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Experiment-8: Cyclic Loading of Single Piles - Centrifuge Model No.1
Experiment Type: Centrifuge
Description: In this test, cyclic lateral loading behavior of single piles in unimproved and cement-improved soft clay was investigated. Dimensions (length x width x depth) of the improved ground were: 9D×9D×6D, 13D×13D×9D and 17D×17D×12D. D (= 15.87 mm) is the outside diameter of the pile. Note that all the quantities reported are in model scale. The test was carried out at a centrifugal acceleration of 30 g. Piles are defined in the format of YDUV. Where, YD represents the depth of ground improvement and can be 0D, 6D, 9D or 12D. 0D indicates the unimproved pile. U and V are the two letters assigned to opposite sides of each pile. Along each pile, six pairs of strain gages from U1V1 through U6V6 were instrumented to measure bending moments. Cyclic lateral loading tests were performed on one unimproved pile 0DGH and one cement-improved pile 9DST. During the cyclic loading tests, horizontal displacements under a series of lateral pushing and pulling were applied to the pile top starting with small displacements and eventually reaching a lateral displacement of 22.86 mm. This experiment consists of the following tests:

Cyclic loading on Pile 0DGH (8/28/2009)
Cyclic loading on Pile 9DST (8/31/2009)

A malfunction in the actuator prevented other piles from being tested.
Dates: August 28, 2009 - August 31, 2009
Facility: University of California, Davis, CA, United States
Equipment: View Details
Specimen Type: Centrifuge Model 1
Material: Soft Clay Soft Clay (view)
Piles Piles (view)
Improved Soil Improved Soil (view)

Sensors: Cyclic Loading on 0DGH. Accelerometers,Pore Pressure Transducers, Strain Gages, Linear Potentiometers and Load Cell
Cyclic Loading on 9DST. Accelerometers,Pore Pressure Transducers, Strain Gages, Linear Potentiometers and Load Cell
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Tags (keywords):
  1. pilefoundation
  2. softclay
  3. cyclicloading
  4. soil improvement
  5. centrifugetesting
  6. Cement Deep Soil Mixing
Cite this work:
Chunyang Liu, Hoda Soltani, Kanthasamy Muraleetharan, Amy Cerato, G.A. Miller, Sri Sritharan (2014). "Cyclic Loading of Single Piles - Centrifuge Model No.1", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D3S46H66Q