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Performance-Based Design for Cost-Effective Seismic Hazard Mitigation in New Buildings Using Supplemental Passive Damper Systems
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Characterization tests of nonlinear viscous damper
Experiment Type: Large Scale
Description: Characterization tests of nonlinear viscous dampers under sinusoidal displacement loading protocol. This loading protocol has a total of 12 sinusoidal cycles, including 2 ramp up cycles, 7 full cycles and 3 ramp down cycles. Different displacement amplitudes and different excitation frequencies were used since it is known that the behavior of nonlinear viscous dampers is sensitive to displacement amplitude and excitation frequencies. Majority of tests were done at the ambient temperature of 20 ~25˚C, however for tests with excitation frequency of 0.5Hz and 1Hz, there were tests with controlled ambient temperatures of 10˚C, 20˚C and 30˚C.
Dates: February 10, 2012 - May 10, 2012
Facility: Lehigh University, PA, United States
Equipment: View Details
Specimen Type: Nonlinear viscous damper (view)
Material: Nonlinear viscous damper Nonlinear viscous damper (view)
Sensors: Sensor Plan for 1in LVDTs
Sensor Plan for 3in LVDTs
Sensor Plan for 5in LVDTs
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Tags (keywords):
  1. nonlinear viscous damper
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Baiping Dong, Richard Sause, James Ricles (2014). "Characterization tests of nonlinear viscous damper", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D3R20RW7S