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Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris
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Experiment contains sensor data, metadata and required documentation. The experiment report is uploaded on the project level in a form of master thesis of Harrison T. Ko.

Complete - 06/13/2013

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Experiment-12: OSU: Hydrodynamics Test Water Depth = 251
Experiment Type: Tsunami Wave Basin
Description: This experiment looked at different flow conditions that result from producing waves from error functions of various periods. The purpose of this experiment was to determine appropriate wave conditions to use for the debris collision experiments.
DOI Title: Hydrodynamics, Wavemaker Water depth = 251 cm: Measurements of free surface variation, and flow velocity.
Dates: July 20, 2012 - July 20, 2012
Facility: Oregon State University, OR, United States
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Specimen Type:
Sensors: NEESdebris_instm_locations_20120713
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Tags (keywords):
  1. Inundation
  2. Long wave
  3. hydrodynamics
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Harrison Ko, Daniel Cox (2013). "OSU: Hydrodynamics Test Water Depth = 251", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D3NK36517