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Innovative Applications of Damage Tolerant Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Materials for New Earthquake-Resistant Structural Systems and Retrofit of Existing Structures
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Complete - 07/19/2011

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Experiment-6: University of Michigan Coupling Beam Tests
Experiment Type: Large Scale
Description: A series of tests has been conducted to investigate the use of strain-hardening, high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (HPFRC) in the critical regions of coupled-wall systems. A component test phase, consisting of tests of three large-scale precast coupling beam specimens with aspect ratios of 1.75 subjected to reversed cyclic loading, was conducted to evaluate various reinforcement details for HPFRC coupling beams. A new design approach for HPFRC coupling beams, developed from these tests, has been shown to result in a ductile flexurally-dominated failure mode. These tests confirm that HPFRC can fully confine the diagonal reinforcement and demonstrate the significant contribution to shear capacity and damage tolerance that HPFRC provides. The viability of precasting the coupling beam and connecting it to adjacent structural walls without interfering with wall boundary reinforcement was demonstrated.
Dates: April 06, 2009 - April 06, 2009
Facility: University of Michigan, MI, United States
Specimen Type: Coupling Beams, Precast Infill Panels, Coupled Wall
Material: Component 1 Component 1 (view)
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  1. Coupling beam
  2. precast
  3. fiber reinforcement
  4. shear