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Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Materials
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Experiment-4: FIU Phase II - Seismic Performance of Hybrid FRP Concrete Pier Frame System
Experiment Type: Large Scale
Description: Experimental work in this study included four two-column bent tests, several component tests and coupon tests. Four 1/6-scale bridge pier frames, consisting of a control reinforced concrete frame (RCF), glass FRP-concrete frame (GFF), carbon FRP-concrete frame (CFF), and hybrid glass/carbon FRP-concrete frame (HFF) were tested under reverse cyclic lateral loading with constant axial loads. Specimen GFF did not show any sign of cracking at a drift ratio as high as 15% with considerable loading capacity, whereas Specimen CFF showed that lowest ductility with similar load capacity as in Specimen GFF. FRP-concrete columns and pier cap beams were then cut from the pier frame specimens, and were tested again in three point flexure under monotonic loading with no axial load. The tests indicated that bonding between FRP and concrete and yielding of steel both affect the flexural strength and ductility of the components. The coupon tests were carried out to establish the tensile strength and elastic modulus of each FRP tube and the FRP mold for the pier cap beam in the two principle directions of loading.
Dates: October 18, 2007 - November 28, 2007
Facility: Florida International University (Modesto Maidique Campus), FL, United States
Specimen Type: Reinforced concrete bridge
Material: Component 1 Component 1 (view)
Sensors: Specimen RCF, GFF, CFF, and HFF
Actuator and Jacks Location Plan: All Specimen
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