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The Third International Workshop on Long-Wave Runup Models
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  Experiment-1: Calculations of the moving shoreline
Dates: February 15, 2006 to Present
Description: This is a simple setup for tsunami runup modeling exercise: a uniformly sloping beach and no variation in the lateral direction, viz. a 2-D problem in the vertical plane. The initial-value-problem (IVP) technique introduced by Carrier, Wu and Yeh (J....
Facility: Default Organization

  Experiment-2: Tsunami runup onto a complex three-dimensional topography.
Dates: February 15, 2006 to Present
Description: The 1993 Okushiri tsunami caused many unexpected phenomena. One of them was the extreme runup height of 32 m that was measured near the village of Monai in Okushiri Island. This tsunami runup mark was discovered at the tip of a very narrow gulley within...
Facility: Default Organization

  Experiment-3: Landslide generated tsunami - 2D
Dates: February 16, 2006 to Present
Description: The problem is to predict the free surface elevation and runup associated with a translating Gaussian shaped mass, initially at the shoreline. The analytical solution is available in Liu, Lynett and Synolakis (J. Fluid Mech., 478, 101-109, 2003).
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