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Self-Centering Damage-Free Seismic-Resistant Steel Frame Systems
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  Experiment-1: Task 4: Develop Energy Dissipation Elements Appropriate for SC-MRF and SC-CBF Systems
Dates: January 16, 2005 - March 14, 2008
Description: This experimental task evaluates the development of an energy dissipation (ED) device for earthquake resistant self-centering steel moment resisting frames (SC-MRFs) with post-tensioned steel moment connections (PT connections). This work is part of...
Facility: Lehigh University, PA, United States

  Experiment-2: Task 8: Large-Scale Experiments on Self-Centering Moment-Resisting Frame (SC-MRF)
Dates: June 01, 2008 - December 05, 2008
Description: The SC-MRF is a post-tensioned MRF with web friction devices (WFDs) as energy dissipating devices. The WFDs are positioned on the beam web to avoid interference with the floor slab. Using a performance based design (PBD) approach the SC-MRF is designed...
Facility: Lehigh University, PA, United States

  Experiment-3: Self-Centering Concentrically-Braced Frame
Dates: July 11, 2009 - September 02, 2010
Description: This experimental program examines the dynamic characteristics of a four story test frame at 0.6 scale. The test frame was subjected to A suite of earthquake records including earthquakes at the design-basis earthquake (DBE) level and the maximum considered...
Facility: Lehigh University, PA, United States
Princeton University, NJ, United States
Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN, United States
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