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Testing and Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams
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File Type:   DataFile
Name Size Path
cb24f data.txt 638 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-1/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
CB24D data.txt 603 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-2/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
CB24f rc data.txt 581 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-3/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
cb24f pt data.txt 689 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-4/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
cb24f half pt data.txt 639 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-5/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
cb33f data.txt 604 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-6/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
cb33d data.txt 1 MB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-7/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
fb33 data.txt 645 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-8/Trial-1/Rep-1/Corrected_Data
b1 unprocessed.txt 642 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-1/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
B2 unprocessed.txt 645 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-2/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
b3 unprocessed.txt 620 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-3/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
b4 unprocessed.txt 720 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-4/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
b5 unprocessed.txt 659 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-5/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
b6 unprocessed.txt 655 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-6/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
b7 unprocessed.txt 1 MB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-7/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data
b8 unprocessed.txt 675 KB /NEES-2012-1100/Experiment-8/Trial-1/Rep-1/Unprocessed_Data

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