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Field Measurement of the Linear and Nonlinear Constrained Moduli of Granular Soil
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File Type:   Presentation
Name Size Path
2 MB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-1/Documentation/Photos
322 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-1/Documentation/Photos
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-5/Documentation/Drawings
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-6/Documentation/Drawings
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-7/Documentation/Drawings
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-8/Documentation/Drawings
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-9/Documentation/Drawings
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
46 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-11/Documentation/Drawings
66 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-1/Documentation/Drawings
66 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-2/Documentation/Drawings
66 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-3/Documentation/Drawings
66 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-4/Documentation/Drawings
86 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-1/Documentation/Drawings
95 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-2/Documentation/Drawings
86 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-3/Documentation/Drawings
95 KB /NEES-2013-1174/Experiment-4/Documentation/Drawings
LeBlanc PhD dissertation.pdf 29 MB /NEES-2013-1174/Documentation

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