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TIPS - Tools to Facilitate Widespread Use of Isolation and Protective Systems, a NEES/E-Defense Collaboration
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File Type:   Presentation
Name Size Path
49 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-1/Documentation/Drawings
29 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
49 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
39 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
Experimental Program.docx 3 MB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-1/Documentation
CIMG2473.MOV 53 MB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-1/Documentation/Videos/Movies
50 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
33 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
33 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
32 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
50 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
41 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Experiment-10/Documentation/Drawings
9NCEE 2010_ComparativeResponseFixed and Iso Buildings_Ryan et al.pdf 215 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
9NCEE 2010_LossEstimation Fixed and Iso Buildings_Ryan et al.pdf 272 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
14ECEE_StatisticalDistributionBearingResponse_BeckerMahin.pdf 779 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
StructuresCongress 2010_DesignCodeComparisonPaper_Becker et al.pdf 418 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
JSE 2011_Comparative performance fixed and isolated moment frames_Sayani et al_Draft Submission.pdf 398 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
Draft_Comparative Life Cycle Analysis_Cutfield et al 2013.pdf 729 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
EESD 2011_Comparative performance fixed and isolated braced frames_Erduran et al_Submission Version.pdf 404 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
EESD 2011_Torsion in Braced Frames_Erduran and Ryan_Submission Version.pdf 334 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
Spectra2010_Evaluation of Design Review_Ryan et al_Submission Version.pdf 275 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
9NCEE 2010_Arendt - Seismic isolation survey -001561.pdf 379 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
Arendt - Unpublished - Seismic isolation and insurance.pdf 382 KB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
PhD Dissertation_Nhan Dao_University of Nevada Reno.pdf 22 MB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers
Report to NRC_Final Stages of Review.pdf 15 MB /NEES-2008-0571/Documentation/Papers

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