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Permanently Instrumented Field Sites
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Curation progress:

Project was reviewed in April 2010, but data files were replaced in March 2011.

Complete - 11/02/2011

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PI(s): Jamison Steidl, Sandra Seale
Dates: NSF - n/a - 0217421 (view)
NSF - n/a - 0429457 (view)
NSF - n/a - 0927178 (view)
Facility: University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Organization(s): University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Description: Field sites with unique soil characteristics, thoroughly characterized and instrumented. Data from M4+ earthquakes that have been recorded at the field sites is available from this project.
Group Space: Project:Permanently Instrumented Field Sites
Report on Data Status: View Report
Equipment: View Details
Salih Tileylioglu; Jonathan Paul Stewart; Robert Nigbor, "Dynamic Stiffness and Damping of a Shallow Foundation from Forced Vibration of a Field Test Site" (view)
Other Resources: Amit Chourasia; Sandra Seale; Jamison Steidl, "Visualization of Seismic Ground Motion as Observed by Sensors at Garner Valley Monitoring Facility" (view)
Tags (keywords):
  1. wildlife liquefaction array
  2. Seismology
  3. garner valley downhole array
  4. Strong Ground Motion
  5. Liquefaction
  6. Site Response
  7. Geotechnical Field Sites
  8. Geotechnical Engineering
  9. Earthquake Data
Data Re-use Status: This Project does not reuse data from other projects.