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Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings
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Articulated Quadrilateral Device



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Complete - 08/10/2015

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Executive Summary: Download Document
PI(s): Reginald DesRoches, Roberto Leon, Claudia C Marin-Artieda, Jamie E Padgett, Yang Wang
Dates: October 10, 2008 - December 18, 2014
Facility: University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, United States
Organization(s): Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, United States
The project team will evaluate the efficacy of a new class of innovative systems with recentering and/or high damping capabilities, and develop a framework for their design and implementation to retrofit reinforced concrete (RC) buildings to improve... (more)
Group Space: Project:Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Report on Data Status: View Report
Equipment: View Details
, "FEMA 547 Document, 2006 Edition" (view)
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Tags (keywords):
  1. Shape Memory Alloys
  2. Energy dissipation;
  3. Articulated Quadrilateral Device
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