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Performance-Based Design and Real-Time Large-Scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems



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Publication List


Zhaoshuo Jiang; Richard Christenson; Yunbyeong Chae; James Michael Ricles; Anthony Friedman; Shirley Dyke; Brian Phillips; Billie F. Spencer, "Comparison of 200 KN MR Damper Models for use in Real-time Hybrid Simulation" (view)
Yunbyeong Chae; James Michael Ricles; Richard Sause, "Development of a Large-Scale MR Damper Model for Seismic Hazard Mitigation Assessment of Structures" (view)
Anthony Friedman; Jianqiu Zhang; Brian Phillips; Zhaoshuo Jiang; Anil Kumar Agrawal; Shirley Dyke; James Michael Ricles; Billie F. Spencer; Richard Sause; Richard Christenson, "Accommodating MR Damper Dynamics for Control of Large Scale Structural Systems" (view)
Brian Phillips; Yunbyeong Chae; Zhaoshuo Jiang; Billie F. Spencer; James Michael Ricles; Richard Christenson; Shirley Dyke; Anil Kumar Agrawal, "Real-time Hybrid Simulation Benchmark Study with a Large-Scale MR Damper" (view)
Yunbyeong Chae; James Michael Ricles; Richard Sause, "Evaluation of Structural Strategies for Improving Seismic Performance" (view)
Zhaoshuo Jiang, "Increasing Resilience in Civil Structures Using Smart Damping Technology" (view)
Anthony Friedman, "MR Damper Description" (view)
Brian Phillips; Billie F. Spencer, "Model-Based Framework for Real-Time Dynamic Structural Performance Evaluation" (view)
Yunbyeong Chae; Ryan Ahn, "Design, Construction, and Characterization of a Large Scale Steel Structural System for Real Time Hybrid Testing" (view)
Youngjin Cha; Jianqiu Zhang; Baiping Dong; Anthony Friedman; Anil Kumar Agrawal; Shirley Dyke; James Michael Ricles, "Comparative Studies of Semi-active Control Strategies for MR dampers: Pure Simulation and Real-Time Hybrid Testing comparison" (view)