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Using NEES as a Testbed fo Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction: Centrifuge Tests



Curation progress:

This project was originally curated in 2009 and enhanced in 2010. Metadata were reviewed and if necessary corrected, visualization files were added. Additional documentation if missing was supplemented. This project may contain files that were not contributed by the original research team during their project.

Complete - 08/31/2011

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Project Report
Project Report on Data Status

Experiment Title Date Completed
Documentation Data Generated Curation Viewable DOI/Citation
MIL01:First Centrifuge Test Series 02-18-2005 Complete Public
MIL03: Third Centrifuge Test Series 01-31-2006 Complete Public
MIL02: Second Centrifuge Test Series 05-21-2005 Complete Public
Simulation of MIL 03_ 2D soil Shear beam 04-30-2007 Incomplete Public
Simulation of MIL 03_2D Soil, FSB2 container, and Shaker 09-27-2007 None Yet Public
Simulation of MIL 03_2D Soil and FSB2 container 07-31-2007 Incomplete Public