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SAC Steel Project - Task 7.03 - T-Stubs



Curation progress:

This project contains sensor data, metadata, and some documentation. However, some of the documentation and metadata are missing and could not be provided by the research team.

Archived - 10/01/2013

Last curation request: 10/01/2013

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Project Report
Project Report on Data Status

Experiment Title Date Completed
Documentation Data Generated Curation Viewable DOI/Citation
Clip Angle Tests (CA) 08-31-1999 Archived Public
Series A T-Stub Tests (TA) - Cut from a W16 x 100 08-31-1999 Archived Public
Full Scale Beam Column Tests (FS) 08-31-1999 Archived Public
Series B T-Stub Tests (TB) - Cut from a W21 x 93 08-31-1999 Archived Public
Series C T-Stub Tests (TC) - Cut from a W33 x 169 08-31-1999 Archived Public
Series D T-Stub Tests (TD) - Cut from a W16 x 45 08-31-1999 Archived Public