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The NEES Project Warehouse is the centralized data repository for sharing and publishing earthquake engineering research data from experimental and numerical studies.

The data in the Project Warehouse are associated with research projects funded by a variety of agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), and include experiments performed at NEES and non-NEES equipment sites.

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Recently Curated Experiments

  1. Linked Column Frame with 3 shear links

    After the LCF with 5 shear links was tested, the sacrificial links were replaced by 3 links. This experiment followed the same procedure as before using hybrid simulation allowing for full scale study at the system level accounting for the uncertainties...

    Curated: 07/18/14 | DOI:10.4231/D3804XK79

  2. Linked Column Frame with 5 shear links

    The linked column frame (LCF) is a new lateral braced-free structural steel system intended for rapid return to occupancy performance level. LCF is more resilient under a design level earthquake than the conventional approaches. The structural system...

    Curated: 07/18/14 | DOI:10.4231/D3M61BQ0Q

  3. Friction Test

    This test was done in order to check friction in the LCF system. All links and beams were removed. Actuator forces were applied to the structure based on the same loading protocol used in the cyclic testing.

    Curated: 07/18/14 | DOI:10.4231/D34746S3J

  4. Seismic control of nonlinear soil-structure system using MR dampers

    The test structure is subjected to scaled versions of the 1940 El Centro earthquake. The time scale is reduced by a factor of 50%. The peak ground acceleration (PGA) at 60gal, 100gal, and 200gal of the recorded El Centro earthquake are selected in this...

    Curated: 07/17/14

  5. Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of Multi-Story Wood Shear Wall Systems

    Real-time hybrid simulation (RTHS) of stacked wood shear walls with a rate-dependent seismic energy dissipation device (viscous damper) for retrofit and without the device was conducted at the newly constructed Structural Engineering Laboratory at the...

    Curated: 07/17/14 | DOI:10.4231/D3HH6C65W