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The NEES Project Warehouse is the centralized data repository for sharing and publishing earthquake engineering research data from experimental and numerical studies.

The data in the Project Warehouse are associated with research projects funded by a variety of agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), and include experiments performed at NEES and non-NEES equipment sites.

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Recently Curated Experiments

  1. Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of FRP Repaired Partially Grouted Masonry Sub-Assemblage

    Quasi-static cyclic testing of a partially-grouted masonry sub-assemblage with a window opening, that was previously damaged, and then repaired with near-surface mounted Glass FRP bars.

    Curated: 05/21/15 | DOI:10.4231/D3CZ3260V

  2. Induced Partial Saturation for liquefaction mitigation in loose sands-1

    The objective of the following study is to analyse the effect of 0.1g and 0.2g magnitude base motions on a deposit of loose partially saturated sand. The degree of saturation of the loose sand is reduced by injection of gas bubbles in the void spaces...

    Curated: 05/05/15 | DOI:10.4231/D31V5BF4V

  3. LG-1: Full Scale Level Ground Large Scale Shaking Test on loose sand deposit

    Box was imparted with input base motions of 0.015g, 0.02g, 0.03g and 0.1g provided as artificial sinusoidal motions using actuator assembly at University at Buffalo. Excess pore pressures and settlements in the sand deposit were recorded. The liquefaction...

    Curated: 05/05/15 | DOI:10.4231/D3T14TQ6P

  4. Induced Partial Saturation for liquefaction mitigation in loose sands-2

    Induced Partial Saturation 2 (IPS2) is the second set of shaking tests conducted on a loose sand specimen. The specimen was treated with a solution of sodium percarbonate to study the effect of such an injection in liquefaction mitigation. The specimen...

    Curated: 05/05/15 | DOI:10.4231/D3SB3X04Z

  5. Phase 2: ControlB_Run1_redo - Measurements of wave runup and withdrawal on a sloping beach (velocity and water depth measurements in Run 1 locations, no welded mounts for macro-roughness).

    Control B: No patch installation and no welded mounts are present, other than those for the ADV and sonic gauges and the signal conditioning box. Data are collected using ADVs (Run 1 locations), sonic gauges (Run 1 locations), wave staffs, and video (...

    Curated: 04/24/15