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inDEED - Associating Data Sets

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

The inDEED tool allows you to designate associated data sets (i.e., data files that should be viewed together). This allows researchers to help users locate the data files that should be viewed together without the users having to dig through the experiment or project to locate that data on their own.

Creating the Association File

To designate associated data sets, you will create a text file with a .dir extension. The *.dir file is a comma-delimited file. The file layout is specified below:

Column Name/Label Optional Description
Path No Relative or absolute paths to the data files.
User Defined Yes All other columns in the file are user defined and optional. These columns should be used to help users distinguish between the different data sets and understand the connection between data sets

The first line of the *.dir file must be a header line and the first column in the file must be the path file.

Where to Place the Association File

The *.dir file can be placed anywhere the mapping file (*.ind file) is placed. The inDEED tool start in the folder where the data file is located (typically a data folder) and expand its search to increasingly higher levels as it fails to encounter a *.dir file. It will use the first *.dir file that it encounters.

Valid locations for the *.dir file (and *.ind files) are:

.  Current directory (Converted_Data, Corrected_Data, etc.)
../Documentation           Rep level documentation folder
../../Documentation        Trial level documentation folder
../../../Documentation     Experiment level documentation folder
../../../../Documentation  Project level documentation folder


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