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PEN Quick Start - Checksumming Files

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Checksumming Files

For files that exist both locally and in the Project Warehouse (black files), the checksum is what the PEN tool uses to determine whether or not the file in your local directory matches the file in the Project Warehouse.

If the local copy of the file does not match the copy of the file that exists in the Project Warehouse, the file name in the left panel will turn red.

Automatic Checksum

The PEN tool automatically checksums files when they are imported into the project directory.

If you make asynchronous changes (see this tutorial), the files are checksummed upon detection by the tool.

If a file exists in the local directory (i.e., it’s already been imported into the PEN tool) and you edit the local copy of the file, the PEN tool will be re-checksum the file when it detects that the file has been changed (generally upon a refresh of that node).

The tool will also check for a checksum upon upload and it will perform a checksum at that time if one has not already been performed.

Manual Checksum

You can manually perform a checksum on a file at any time. Checksums can only be performed on files that exist locally (black files, blue files, and red files). You cannot perform a checksum on a file that only exists in the Project Warehouse (grey files).

To perform a manual checksum, select the file in the left panel, right click, and select “Checksum” from the menu.


If you have a red file, you can also perform a checksum using the link that appears in the right panel.


Viewing the Checksum

You can view a file’s checksum on the “File Metadata” tab in the right pane. This tab provides information on the file’s location (both locally and in the Project Warehouse), the file size, its checksum, etc.

To view a file’s checksum, select the file in the left panel, and switch the File Metadata tab in the right pane.


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