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REST Web Services Release Notes

by Ian Mathew, Gemez Marshall, Lily Dong


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NEES Web Services 2.6


(NEEShub Release 6 – 05/01/2015)

  • Fixed some issues related to creating or updating material.
  • Allowed deleting specimen, component and material.
  • Fixed some query issues.
  • Added saving measurement unit and type for hybrid simulation.
  • Added image scaling.


(NEEShub Release 6 – 03/26/2014)

  • Simulation reorganization
    • Simulations and AnalyticalSubstructure directory structure changed
    • Legacy clients may not work for Simulations or AnalyticalSubstructures, but should continue to operate on other aspects of the NEES Directory Structure
    • Models have been added, and now excist beneath Simulations
    • Runs no longer exist directly under Simulations, but do exist under Models
    • ModelComponents have been added, and now exist beneath Models.



  • Fixed issue causing username to act as case sensitive for part of the login process. Users may have received incorrect authentication errors due to this issue (Ticket 7101)



  • Fixed issue in Web Services which resulted in inability to download Project list (Ticket 7000)



  • Upgraded Web Services to improved object and file delete procedure (Ticket 4291)
  • Improved logging for DataFile operations
  • Removed deprecated functions for Project management



  • Fixed issue in which default CoordinateSpace was not created for certain objects (Ticket 6536)
  • Fixed issue in which directories created within Materials would be incorrectly marked as Material Data Files (Ticket 6687)



  • Fixed issue in which a GET command on Calibration objects would result in a 500 error (Ticket 6389)


(Release 5 – 06/19/2013)

  • Added ability to upload/download via SFTP (Ticket 5730)
  • Added keyword support to Experiment, Simulation, and HybridSimulation (Ticket 5478)
  • Internal improvements to performance and logging



  • Enabled functionality to determine DocumentFormat for a file if no DocumentFormatId is supplied by client (Ticket 5659)
  • Fixed issue with password expiration system
  • Added option for server-side checksum verification – server will now reject files if they provide a checksum, and that provided checksum differs from the server-calculated checksum



  • Fixed issue which allowed incorrect naming for certain objects (Ticket 5060)



  • Fixed issue preventing Trials and Runs under Physical and Analytical substructures from being viewed in certain cases. (Ticket 5718)



  • Created method for linking Substructure Runs and Trial datasets to Coordinator Runs (Ticket 4135)
    • Adds new method for collecgint all Substructure Trials and Runs under a Coordinator.
    • Adds SubstructureTrial element to Coordinator Run. A Coordinator Run may have 0 or more Substructure Trials, all representing all Substructure Trials linked to that Coordinator Run.
  • Added accessibility information at experiment level (Wish 326)
    • Adds “permissions” attribute to Experiment and its derivatives (Simulation, HybridSimulation)
  • Adds audit information (Creating app, creating user, created date, last modifying user, and last modified date) for incoming Specimen, Components, Materials, and Coordinator Substructures (Ticket 4523)
    • Web Services automatically populates these fields.
    • Web Services will not return this information with GET calls – no XML schema change required.
  • Improved error handling in many cases

    NEES Web Services 2.5 and Earlier

    There are no Release Notes available for versions of Web Services before 2.6.

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