= List of Resources =

== Project ==
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/4 Real-time Fast Hybrid Testing Steel Frame Test ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/21 Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Structures ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/711 Advanced Servo-Hydraulic Control and Real-Time Testing of Damped Structures ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/685 Framework for Development of Hybrid Simulation in an Earthquake Impact Assessment Context ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/570 International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow's Braced Frame Systems. ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/972 Development of a Real-Time Multi-Site Hybrid Testing Tool for NEES ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/1135 Development and Validation of a Robust Framework for Real-time Hybrid Testing ]
* [http://nees.org/warehouse/project/973 Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Test-Bed for Structural Systems with Smart Dampers ]

== Tools ==
* [http://nees.org/resources/nhcp NHCP ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/openfresco OpenFresco ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/uisimcor UI-SimCor ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/realtimeframe2d RT-Frame2D ]

== Publications ==
* [http://nees.org/resources/676 Real-time Hybrid Simulation Benchmark Study with a Large-Scale MR Damper ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/670 Comparison of 200 KN MR Damper Models for use in Real-time Hybrid Simulation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5310 Evaluation of Structural Control Strategies for Improving Seismic Performance of Buildings with MR Dampers Using Real-Time Large-Scale Hybrid Simulation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/561 A Tracking Error-Based Adaptive Compensation Scheme for Real- Time Hybrid Simulation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/559 Servo-Hydraulic Actuator Control for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/674 Accommodating MR Damper Dynamics for Control of Large Scale Structural Systems ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/693 Real-Time Hybrid Testing of an MR Damper for Response-Reduction ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/2668 Hybrid Simulation Evaluation of Innovative Steel Braced Framing System ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/4494 Increasing Resilience in Civil Structures Using Smart Damping Technology ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/4699 Evaluating Modeling Choices in the Implementation of Real-time Hybrid Simulation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5306 Final Report: Evaluation of a real-time hybrid simulation system for performance evaluation of structures with rate dependent devices subjected to seismic loading ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5023 Model-Based Framework for Real-Time Dynamic Structural Performance Evaluation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5065 Development of a Robust Framework for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation: from Dynamical System, Motion Control to Experimental Error Verification ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5059 Development and validation of a real-time computational framework for hybrid simulation of dynamically-excited steel frame structures ]

== Reports ==
* [http://nees.org/resources/3834 NEES Vision Report on Computational and Hybrid Simulation ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/690 Advanced Servo-Hydraulic Control And Real-Time Testing Of Damped Structures ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/790 Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Structures ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/4251 Development and Validation of a Robust Actuator Motion Controller for Real-time Hybrid Simulation Applications ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5080 Development and Validation of a Computational Tool for Real-time Hybrid of Steel Frame Structures ]
* [http://nees.org/resources/5414 Hybrid Testing in NEESR Projects ]