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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #121

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Thomas Marullo

Better management of Photos in Project Warehouse through Project Editor

Photos can be uploaded in many ways using the Project Editor and are displayed in many ways depending on the Image Type selected for that file.

1- Through the Experiment tab, the user can upload an Experiment Image. This needs no image type. 2- Through the Drawings tab, and the type can be defined as Not Applicable, Drawing, Drawing-Sensor Layout, Drawing-Specimen, Drawing-Setup. This is the only place that an image should be defined as a Drawing type. Not Applicable should only be used for non-image types. The image type box should only appear when a user selects an NEEShub supported image file type. Not Applicable is not needed then. 3- Through the Photos tab, the types are Not Applicable, Filmstrip and General Photo. Non Applicable doesn’t make sense since any file uploaded here should be an image type. Not Applicable should be removed and there should only be an option to add an image to the Filmstrip or remove it from the Filmstrip, sort of like “starring” in GMail. In fact, the whole Image Type metadata should be removed here and a checkbox used to include an Experiment Photo into the Filmstrip. General Photos end up in the Project’s More tab; not at the Experiment level and should not be classified here. There should be a Photos tab at the Project level to support General Photos. The General Photos tab should be removed. 4- Through the Data tab. In this section, the user gets the option to classify the image as: Not Applicable, Drawing, Drawing-Setup, Drawing-Specimen, Experiment Image, Filmstrip, General Photo, Project Image. At this level, all photos should not have any Image Type defined and should be considered part of the data set. Drawings are not at this level. I don’t even know what Experiment Image does because the Experiment has its own photo tag that doesn’t get overwritten by this tag. Filmstrips are descriptions of the experiment as a whole and should only be uploaded through the Photos tab. And the same goes for General Photo. Project Image belongs at the top level, and right now a Project doesn’t even have a photo tag like an Experiment does. There should be a Project Image the same way there are Experiment Images. Therefore, the whole Image Type metadata should be removed at this level.

For viewing purposes, this is how I believe it should work: 1- All Drawings should be uploaded, viewable and sorted by Drawing type under the Experiment Drawings tab. This works well now. Drawings should be viewable like Photos are and filtered depending on Drawing type. 2- All Filmstrip photos should be uploaded to the Experiment Photos tab and only defined there and viewed at the Experiment tab’s Filmstrip. 3- All general Experiment photos should be uploaded to the Experiment Photos tab and do not need a type since it is implied. The can be viewed through the Experiment’s images tag “Additional photos (view)” link through a filter that states “Experiment Photos”. And Experiment Photos include all Filmstrip Photos. 4- All photos uploaded to the Data section (under a Repetition) should not have any type and assumed as data. They can be viewed through the Experiment’s image tag link and filtered by Repetition as it is now.

For the filtering, the options should be: No Filter (Included ALL photos uploaded to the experiment except for Drawings) General Experiment Photos (Photos uploaded to the Photos tab) Trial-n/Rep-x (Any photos under this repetition) … Trial-m/Rep-w

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