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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #153

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Ann Christine Catlin

connect project warehouse and hub groups

As NEES community research projects create a project in the project warehouse using the project editor, they are also creating a hub “group” for that same project and same project team for the purpose of day to day collaborative work using the dropbox, analysis with hub tools, etc that are part of the group capability.

There needs to be a close connection between the project warehouse “project group” and the hub “group” created for that same project and project team.

Researchers are getting confused about why these are different and what the differences are. I have some suggestions about how to bring these two components together.

1. When a hub group is created, the creator should have access to a list of warehouse projects that he is a member of. He can then choose to create the hub group with the same title as the project warehouse project and associate the same membership list. That will associate the project in the warehouse with the hub group where there will be day to day collaboration for that project.

We can also immediately create links (in the group wiki for example) to the project in the warehouse so that researchers can move back and forth between the project warehouse and the hub group associated with that project.

2. A “warehouse ready” folder in the dropbox should be created so that researchers can start collecting data that will eventually go to the warehouse.

3. There may be other information in the warehouse that could be linked to the group space for easy access during day to day collaboration, analysis and tool processing. We can review and determine what these might be.


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