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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #157


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Thomas Marullo

Backup space for equipment sites at NEEShub

I would like to NEEShub to provide at least a terabyte of storage per equipment site so that we can perform offsite backups of our critical data over the net. We can use SFTP or WebDAV to perform these data transfers.

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  1. Rodney Porter

    I am going to try to do backups of most data directly to the project warehouse, but will use group storage, as needed, for documentation material that may enter the project in another manner. The issues, that I see, are having enough storage and what types of material you would like us to store where.

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  2. Thomas Marullo

    Can we make this official? I’ve been using my sites group space to do offsite backups using rsync. It works well and should be documented that all sites have webspace available and can request as much as they need to back up critical data.

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    1. Dawn Weisman

      I just saw your wish with the request for a terabyte of storage for each site. I’ve asked the Strategic Council to discuss so we can determine if this is a direction NEES should go in. I’ll let all the Site IT Managers know what direction the Strategic Council supports.

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  3. Dawn Weisman

    The Strategic Council indicated that NEEScomm would need to charge for this service. Based on this development, the Sites will pursue other options at this time.

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