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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #204


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Benjamin William Schafer

Add commercial FE software to Workspace

I know NEESHub is not trying to be Teragrid – but what about expanding the commercial software available through the Workspace?

ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, ADINA and many more would all be of interest. LS-DYNA and ADINA are actually pretty affordable, ABAQUS less so — but if the user has a license/tokens at a home institution it would be nice to be able to provide the ip of the home institutions license server and then be able to run jobs here.

Obviously a lot of complications with this model – but in terms of providing something to the community this would be fantastic.

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  1. Dawn Weisman

    Thank you for contributing your wish to NEEShub. We value feedback from the community as a means to regularly improve NEEShub. Your wish was recently reviewed and prioritized by the Requirement Analysis and Assessment Subcommittee, which consists of members from the user community.

    These recently prioritized wishes are now being aligned with the immediate and long-term NEES goals by the Cyberinfrastructure Release Committee.

    In the near future we will let you know if your wish will be included in an upcoming NEEShub release.

    Dawn Weisman Director of NEEScomm IT

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