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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #225

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Gaur Johnson

Improvement of Photo Directory Access via Project Editor

These should be 2 additional locations for Photos and Videos to be stored in the Project Warehouse

1) Under Experiment-X/Trial-Y/Documentation/Photos 2) Under Experiment-X/Trial-Y/Rep-Z/Documentation/Photos

I think these folders provide added functionality beyond the four *_Data/Photos sub-directories within each Repetition.

So, the reason I have this wish is that I created (1) above and uploaded photos into the non-default directory. However, it seems these photos are not treated equally to those in the default Photo locations:

1) I cannot find them in the File Browser tab by selecting the photo query button. 2) I cannot place any of these photos into the filmstrip of the experiment. 3) I can see them unsorted under the Project/About Tab/additional photos list. All the photos from all trials are in one long list 24 or 96 at a time. I cannot do anything but download them from there.

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