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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #236

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Peter Rojas

Web Services Direct Access to Data Reports

It would be nice if i was able to retrieve all the Data Reports for each Project’s Experiments dynamically. Currently, the only way for me to find data reports or any other reports (dynamically) is to walk the entire project tree(file branch) via web services and search each page for reports.

I notice if I go into the project warehouse, click on a project, then under the File Browser tab, I get a list of file types (Data files, photos, Reports, Presentations, etc). Ideally, I would like to see this as a top link in the REST web services. That way, I do not have to search each project to find these files. I can display a list of these files to the user and they can view the meta data info directly from NEEShub and download the file also directly from NEEShub.

My motivation for this is that I would like our website to pull this information dynamically from NEEShub. This will allow me to store all the information in one spot (NEEShub) and eliminate having my own database and storing files in multiple web servers.

(below could be included in same wish or separate wish) It would also be nice if the programmer also provided a sample script to all IT managers that showed how to do something everyone needs: pull project information from NEEShub via web services in a nicely formatted manner with style sheets that we can integrate onto our own websites.

EXAMPLE – Project Listing would contain: project thumbnail, Project title, funding org, funding dates, PIs, CO Pis, brief description, etc

EXAMPLE – Project Details would contain: Same info as above except with Experiment Titles and dates, along with all reports/data reports, presentations, some pics, abstract, link to project awards, etc

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