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Jamison Steidl

Connections between databases and project warehouse

The databases view of our project and access to metadata is a huge improvement over the project warehouse system. While I understand the project warehouse environment from the data archival and curation perspective, it’s not an environment that makes finding data easy for the user. Getting all of our M4+ earthquake data (trials) into the project warehouse is still very time consuming as it requires some manual steps, and that’s only for the ~250+ events above a M4 since the start of NEES in 2004. It would be impossible to do this for all of our data without an automated web services infrastructure. Similarly, searching for and getting this data out of project warehouse is equally time consuming and onerous.

What Ann Christine and her group have been able to do, in only the few short months that we’ve been working with her, is fantastic. It’s the kind of support that we’ve been looking for from NEES management for many years. The reason we ended up developing our own searchable web data dissemination interface ( to our data was because we never really got this kind of support from the previous NEES IT management team.

The databases views on NEEShub of the metadata for our permanent earthquake monitoring is not complete yet in my mind. What’s still missing is to include links to the data that is archived in project warehouse. Also still to come is the ability to fire up the inDEED tool for plotting the ground motion and pore pressure time histories.

IN a more general statement, I believe that the project database views are a great step towards the development of a front end that is missing in project warehouse to enable a more user-friendly experience for searching and downloading of data from all experiments.

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