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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #310

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Wei Song

Please provide functionality to add comment for general public (with or without NEEShub login)

Several topics initialized from the NEES “Users Forum” require inputs from general public (with or without NEEShub login). These topics range from suggestions to NEES operations, policies, and particular sites. The Users Forum is taking the charge of redirecting these suggestions and comments to the corresponding subcommittees or NEEScomm. Currently, the “discussion” page of the “NEES Users Forum group” can only be edited by group members. Is it possible for the hub to provide a platform (a discussion page maybe) such that general NEES users could add/edit comment on the discussion topics initiated by the Users Forum group. —- Of course, we still would like to keep the capability of internal discussion within the Users Forum committee as well.

Wei Song (secretary of UF)

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