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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #343

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Donald Patterson

Some automatic timeout for "Experiment Today" on Site Status.

I set the site status to “Experiment Today” for the Site Status (and get the concentric circles graphic around our mark on the Site Activities map) in the morning when we are going to do an experiment. The researchers finally get the experiment underway in the afternoon (sometimes late afternoon or evening). Now it runs for hours. Then my fun begins with gathering the data files, processing some. Import to PEN and start the upload. I’m tired, it’s midnight, and I forget to revert the site status. Next day I don’t recall. Nor the next, nor the next. A week or a month later I happen to look at the map and realize my Site Status is still set to “Experiment Today” and I’ve been lying for the last 30 of 31 days.

Maybe at 0000 or 0300 E(D|S)T, change all the “Experiment Today“s to “NEES Research Activities”. Maybe, when one changes the Site Status to “Experiment Today”, save that current value of Site Status and revert the Site Status to the previously saved status. Maybe when one changes the Site Status to “Experiment Today”, one can give a duration or set a target time as well as a next value for the Site Status, and when the duration expires or the target time is reached, the Site Status is changed to the specified “next” value.

Or can I change the Site Status do this through REST? When I change the Site Status to “Experiment Today” I could set an “at” job to change the status to an appropriate value. Or maybe I could have a cron job that checks the Site Status in the wee morning hours and if it finds “Experiment Today” will change it to another value. Does someone have an example about how to “put” a value in the Site Status with REST?

Or are there any other suggestions about some automation to get that Site Status to automatically change off “Experiment Today” when I will be much too tired later to remember to do that myself? Thank you.

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