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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #358

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Cheng Song

Associate Tools with Project Warehouse

In the project warehouse, if one opens an enhanced project, “inDEED” is usually the only tool that shown next to the “Tools” label in the project display page. Would it be better if we associate several other tools, such as tools researchers used in their project, or tools that are helpful for users to better study the project, to the project warehouse? These tools could be used for viewing data, e.g. “3D Data Viewer”, or used for analysis purpose, e.g. “SAP2000”, etc. This design would not only help NEEShub users to view projects better, but also let them realize there are many useful tools, other than inDEED, available on NEEShub.

Instead of only showing name of the tools in text format next to the “Tools” label in the project display page, we could show the name of the tools in hyperlink, which could lead users to the “About” page of the tools. So that they are able to learn the tools, and learn how to use the tools to better study the project.

In order to realize this design in the project display page, two suggestions are listed below:

1, In the Project Editor, when edit the “About” page of a project, is it possible to have a drop-down list (or something similar) to let people choose available tools that might be useful for the project?

2, To generate the drop-down list I mentioned above, I suggest that when edit tools in Contribtools, a checkbox should be made available to categorize whether a tool need to be associated to the project warehouse? Tools that are checked to be associated to the project warehouse will appear in the drop-down list in Project Editor.



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