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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #392


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Rudi EIgenmann

periodic discussion forum activity report email

For discussion forums and for Q&A activities, I’d like to be able to configure the email settings such that every day/week/month I get a summary report of the activities.

It would be great if I could configure it so that there is either just a link to the forum that had activities or there could be the full record (if not too large) of the discussions since the last notification.

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  1. Dawn Weisman

    Thank you for contributing your wish to NEEShub. We value feedback from the community as a means to regularly improve NEEShub. All wishes are considered and prioritized by the Requirement Analysis and Assessment Subcommittee, which consists of members from the user community. The prioritized wishes are then aligned with the immediate and long-term NEES goals by the Cyberinfrastructure Release Committee so that a workable development plan for the next Release of NEEShub can be designed.

    Your wish will be considered for a future release.

    Dawn Weisman Director of NEEScomm IT

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