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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #479


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Cheng Song

Upload sensor list without using sensor template in PE

I found that PE did not have the capability to directly upload a sensor file into the sensor folder (and PEN has this capability). It is true that we should encourage people to use sensor template to upload their sensor list. But sometimes people need to upload sensor files that contain too much information to fit into our template, as an additional resource for sensors (e.g. they have more columns like sensor range, sensor temperature, or etc. that we don’t include in our template). These files will be good additional sources besides the sensor template.

In PE, one can upload files under Documentation, but there is no way to upload files into specific folders under Documentation (like the Sensor folder). In this case, we need the capability in PE to upload files into specific folders, or moving function to move files from the Documentation folder into the Sensor folder. I hope this request does not conflict with our PE structure.

Thanks, Cheng

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  1. Brian Rohler

    Thank you for contributing your wish to NEEShub. We value feedback from the community as a means to regularly improve NEEShub. All wishes are considered and prioritized by the Requirement Analysis and Assessment Subcommittee, which consists of members from the user community. The prioritized wishes are then aligned with the immediate and long-term NEES goals by the Cyberinfrastructure Release Committee so that a workable development plan for the next Release of NEEShub can be designed.

    The functionality described in your wish now exists in NEEShub as part of Release 6.

    Brian Rohler, Director of NEEScomm IT

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