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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #562


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Michael Boldischar

Experiment Note API

It would be neat if there was a web services API for storing notes during an experiment. Researchers commonly take their own notes during testing of a specimen. I’m not sure how much of this makes it up to

I would like to add a field to our camera control software that allows notes to be recorded at a step/ramp of an experiment by an operator. If my software could call a NEES web service to store the note, that would be great.

A website for viewing and editing notes would also be useful. It would provide a timeline of events. For example, when sounds are heard during long tests. Another idea is to use the notes could be used during the construction phase to record dates of activities.

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  1. Gemez Marshall

    I too can certainly see the benefit to supplying notes during an experiment. A general note can be useful remembering events. I can also see how someone may want to annotate data to explain anomalies.

    From one of our webex meetings, discussed APIs from Evernote and Springpad.

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  2. Anahid Behrouzi

    During my prior experimental testing experience as a researcher on the NEESR-SG Complex Walls project at NEES@Illinois, we average several thousand images on our roaming camera per test to document cracking and damage of our specimens. We maintain testing notes spreadsheets that reference the images to correlate what is occurring at a certain load step (this may relate to sensor readings, acoustic markers, etc) with the images. This method results in images and a note file that are independent of one another; however, the ability to storing notes and associate these with images would be valuable to the researcher during analysis, and others, who are trying to understand the significance of certain images and damage progression/critical events in a test.

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