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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #579

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Thomas Marullo

Download complete folder structure of a Project with PEN onto local system

Download the complete Folder tree structure of a Project without downloading files in the warehouse to allow the user easier organization of test data locally.

An example scenario is if I've already uploaded a large amount of test data from one computer and I now want to upload video files from another computer. Typically I use Windows Explorer to organize my data files and not the Import Files feature of PEN which is still broken for certain scenarios (See In order to import these videos into PEN, I'd have to either recreate the folder structure on my computer precisely as it is in PEN or download the Project onto my computer with the already imported files. However even if I do this, PEN doesn't create all the local folders; only the ones with files already in the warehouse. I would then still have to manually create all the video folders. And this is also why the import feature is still broken. 

In summary, being able to download the complete folder structure of a Project would allow the user to have easier access to all the available locations of the Project/Experiment/Trials/Runs in the warehouse now on the local computer's file system and organize the data then upload using PEN. 

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