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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #69

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Santiago Pujol

A simple way to add publications to the Project Warehouse.

Santiago –

I would suggest you enter this as a wish list item so it can be considered in the IT work queue.


From: spujol Sent: Monday, August 02, 2010 11:14 PM To: Thalia Anagnos Cc: Weisman, Dawn E; Shirley Dyke; Marshall, Gemez A Subject: Re: Example of project that needs updating


You just pointed at a weak point in the Hub.

The current process to add publications to projects in the Hub is cumbersome. It needs improvement. I am confident that the IT team can provide a better solution.


On Aug 2, 2010, at 4:16 PM, Thalia Anagnos wrote:

So I looked at the above project I see no publications are listedin the Project Warehouse. But if you click on the NSF abstract the following publications are listed.

Heiner, L., Rollins, K.M., and Gerber, T.M.. “Passive force-deflection curves for abutments with MSE confined approach fills,” Proceedings of the Sixth National Seismic Conference on Bridges and Highways, July 28 -30, Charleston, South Carolina., v.MCEER-0, 2008, p. Paper.

Rollins, K.M., Kwon, K.H., Gerber, T.M.. “Static and dynamic lateral load tests on a pile cap with partial gravel backfill,” Proceedings, Conference of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics IV, May 18-22, 2008, Sacramento, California, 2008.

Rollins, K.M.; Gerber, T.M; and Kwon, K.H.. “Increased lateral abutment resistance from gravel backfills of limited width,” Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, v.136, 2010, p. 230.

So how do these publications get listed in the Project Warehouse? Is there a process for this?


— Thalia Anagnos Co-Leader NEES Education, Outreach, & Training Professor, General Engineering San Jose State University San Jose, CA 95192-0205 408-924-3861

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